I had a phenomenal mediumship reading with Lynn. My mother came thru, and Lynn was very clear, concise and accurate with everything. Lynn was able to pick up on information that is specific to my mother. It was really refreshing hearing things from my mother again; the reading gave me a lot of solace. I find Lynn to be remarkably easy to talk with and, is one of the most down to earth people I have met. I highly recommend having a mediumship reading with Lynn!

-Shaunalyn S.


My experience with Lynn was extraordinary in many ways. I came to her having carried quite a load. I had recently moved and my movers never showed up so my sister and I had to move ourselves and pay double to receive additional support. Not too soon after I went to a spiritual gathering where I was offering a service and everything went wrong. It was the most challenging month of the year for me. I was beat down, emotionally drained, the lessons were hard, I was overwhelmed and couldn't see the light. When Lynn first opened my Records she let me share the weight of my hardships with no judgement, just an open heart. As she typed my Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones response I awaited patiently and was ensued with many feelings. As she began to share their heartfelt message I was overcome with emotion that I had to put my phone on mute so that she didn't hear me cry. I wasn't crying of sadness rather I was crying because the healing transmission and truth that took place with their words and her words relieved me of my burdens and that heavy sadness. That was one of the most powerful healing experiences I had ever received. Lynn is truly, truly, truly one of a kind. You will never experience a reading like hers with anyone else. I hold on to that experience in my heart and am always reminded of the wisdom and learnings that I put into practice and action.

-Helen V., Los Angeles, CA


These answers are AMAZING and incredibly spot on and helpful. Thank you so much! What a beautiful gift you have. I’m so excited that you found it and can share it with others, including me!

-Kristi B.


I put together a reading party with Lynn and it was amazing. I had never met her before and neither had any of my friends at the party. She was right on with everyone. Lynn had such insight on everyone there and many family members and loved ones came through. It was a perfect way to start out the new year and I know everyone left feeling uplifted and happy to have been able to find out their loved ones are in a good place. I am so glad I got Lynn’s info, I looked forward to working with her much more. 

-Jen R.


Lynn you did a great service to us and our loved ones on the other side. Each one of us felt so at peace communicating with our loved ones. You were able to give closure to a 90 year old woman who lost a baby so long ago. I miss my nephew everyday... But knowing he is happy and doing well helped my Mom and I so much. My 2 closest friends are now healing with your help. We will see you again! 

-Mary C.


Lynn, I wanted to give you some feed back for your reading and for the way that it made me feel.  First when you connected I was impressed with your peace that you allowed to move through you ..to me.  My mind was put at ease right away.  The message was so beautiful that you share with me..that I was so over whelmed with love.  I have been working so hard at healing from some relationship trauma, and sometimes that gets in the way of really seeing the progress within..which makes me question who I am and where I want to go.   Your reading was one of the most significant, peaceful readings I have had in a long time, with information that I can apply to myself and life.  I felt like I was in the room with Divine Masters that have such a Love for all of us.  After the reading and even now.. I feel close to you.. like a connection of bond was made. Thanks for your amazing gift and the courage to share with others.

-Marlene P.


That is amazing, thank you so much I LOVE YOUR GIFT!!!!!!

-Maggie H.


I had heard of the Akashic Records before I met Lynn, but had never had mine read and didn’t really understand how it worked. I think this is an experience everyone should try. The guidance provided is so personal to who we are at a soul level, and provides perhaps a little insight as to what we are to be learning from our challenges.  Sometimes just that understanding brings peace. Once she has your permission to connect with your Masters and teachers, she shares what they are telling her. You should prepare your questions before your session (see the guidelines on her website to ensure they are the most productive for you). In my experience, they have never given me black and white answers to life. Ultimately they are teachers and we have free will. One of the best results/key learnings I have gotten from my readings is perspective regarding my emotions toward challenges I had asked about. I keep an open mind about whatever message(s) I'm getting - even though I might have specific questions I want answered, They deliver the message(s)  I need at that moment that I may not be looking for, but should ponder more.   Lynn shares her amazing gifts with compassion and exceptional professionalism and has been a great resource for me. I highly recommend her.

-Kim H


Thank you so much Lynn! My reading today was so Amazing! I will definitely be back. Thank you again! 

-Teresa B.


Lynn, your presence radiates kindness, respect, compassion, and a heart felt connection and you held this radiating presence throughout our time together.  I knew you were there for me on so many levels.  Thank you!

Once our session opened I immediately felt like I had been wrapped in love and respect for who I am.  So nice!  The information I received from the Akashic Being(s) was so accurate and "right on".  The conversation between myself talking with you, Lynn, and the Records Keepers was as if we were all in the room in "form" having this discussion.  It was genuine and real which made it powerful.

This information that I received has enabled me to soothe my personal doubts and grow in my self-trust.  The connection I had with my records and the Beings in charge of them has expanded my awareness of the vast and unlimited sources/resources of not only support, growth and healing potential but of the vast quantity of Beings that truly love us and are available to us on the Earth journey.

The gift of my reading with you did not end when we closed this connection.  Your reading of my records has opened doors to my Soul and is giving me continued awareness of opportunities to expand, love and support myself.  

The words "thank you" don't seem to be words enough for this awesome experience with you.



Lynn has an incredible gift and was accurate with so many things that I had a sense of. She was able to confirm my mission, and provide clarity on several things. 
I will for sure be seeing her again. Thanks!!

-Rhianna M.