How It Works

To prepare for your Akashic Records Reading, I will need:

Full Legal Name

Question (s) 

If this is an email, Skype or Phone reading, we will consult on the phone prior to the actual reading.  At this point, you and I will discuss what brought you to the reading and what you are looking to gain from the reading.   I will access your Akashic Records and ask the question(s) you are looking for guidance on.  I will type up and forward to you via email.  We can review afterwards if you require further clarification.


Questions that work best are those that ask how you can learn or grow from a particular circumstance.  Yes/no questions typically do not receive the best results.


What am I meant to learn from this situation?

How can I navigate my current relationship?

How do I take control of my health?

What do I need to focus on next for my career?

What guidance do I need for my business pursuits?

What can I do to get organized and help develop my study skills?

What steps can I take to sell my house?

What am I being led to do next in my academic life?

How can I let go of control issues?

What can I learn from a failed relationship?

How can I manage my relationship with my adult parents better?